Finance for executives book 0

Finance for executives book

Finance should be fun, and practical as well. With this book at hand as a reference, executives will have access to a set of tools that will help them develop their intuition for solving...

Thu 1st jan, 2015 the 0

Thu 1st jan, 2015 the

Thu 1st Jan, 2015 The 17. 6 Year Stock Market Cycle: Connecting the Panics of 1929, 1987, 2000 and 200, Kerry Balenthiran, Harriman House, . 99. This British-chartered accountant with a maths and engineering...

Organizational finance basics 0

Organizational finance basics

This cast recommends what every professional ought to know about your organization’s basic financial health. There are some things everybody ought to know about the financial health of the place where you work. It’s...

Accounting basics (explanation) 0

Accounting basics (explanation)

We will present the basics of accounting through a story of a person starting a new business. The person is Joe Pereza savvy man who sees the need for a parcel delivery service in...

Financial aid basics 0

Financial aid basics

Welcome to The University of Arizona Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA). Becoming familiar with financial aid and its processes will allow your financial aid to disburse in a timely manner. In addition...

Crunch the numbers 0

Crunch the numbers

Midnight Manuals have changed name to Crunch The Numbers, but they are still the must have reference books for key financial topics. In the latest versions you will find:

Complete guide to corporate finance 0

Complete guide to corporate finance

A financial institution is an establishment that conducts financial transactions such as investments, loans and deposits. Almost everyone deals with financial institutions on a regular basis. Everything from depositing money to taking out loans...