Guardians of finance 0

Guardians of finance

“This book will become a classic for those who want to learn what was behind the global financial crisisБnot just what went wrong, but why current reforms wonБt work. Most important, it offers guidelines...

Understanding accounts 0

Understanding accounts

It’s not just accountancy specialists who deal with spreadsheets, and figures, and the financial side of business. It’s highly likely that, as a line manager or department head, you’re going to have to analyze...

Finance basics for sole traders 0

Finance basics for sole traders

Get Your Finances Organized With Our Handy Checklist: Keep a separate bank account for your business. Many banks offer 12-18 months free business banking. The service levels on these vary, so check that out,...

Missing page at e-books directory 0

Missing page at e-books directory

Sorry, but the page you are trying to view does not exist. E-Books Directory is a free web resource which contains links to free downloadable e-books, technical papers, documents, as well as user contributed...

The best finance books 0

The best finance books

Hi Richard, You mention value investing. Ah, but how do you decide when a stock is really undervalued. Yes Ive mentioned this a few times on my blog. But isnt that true with anything...

7 personal finance books you need to read 0

7 personal finance books you need to read

If youre looking to expand your understanding of personal finance, there are a number of great books worth reading. While many investing and money management books focus on get-rich-quick schemes or trying to beat...

Free finance books 0

Free finance books

For a one semester introductory course in personal finance. Personal Finance introduces the student to the concepts, tools, and applications of personal finance and investments. Assuming little or

Finance basics 0

Finance basics

Basic Finance Terms Assets are things you own. These can be cash or something that can be converted into cash such as property, vehicles, equipment and inventory. Audit a physical check performed by an...

Free finance books 0

Free finance books

Best-selling author s newest book was released on a limited basis in April 2013. In this -focused book, Patrick teaches consumers how they can significantly grow their retirement savings while also guaranteeing