Early retirement extreme 0

Early retirement extreme

I really like Rich Dad Poor Dad ( ) and. While Your Money Or Your Life made me reevaluate whether an expense was really worth it, Rich Dad Poor Dad changed the way I...

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Refinance. Youвve heard it before, but this is the easiest way to reduce your housing expenses substantially. Annual savings: description,984 (These figures are based on the average U.

Finance professor 0

Finance professor

Companion Workbook to the New Small Business Classic Finance Without Fear Get a grip on your business’s cash situation — even if you hate numbers. The old saying cash is king is never more...

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What is Project Financing (or Project Finance). The term project finance is generally used to refer to a nonrecourse or limited recourse financing structure in which debt, equity, and credit enhancement are combined for...

The basics of financial management 0

The basics of financial management

Financial management is more than keeping accounting records. It is an essential part of organisational management and cannot be seen as a separate task to be left to finance staff or the honorary treasurer....

Manisha’s books 0

Manisha’s books

My fascination with all things women and money began at an early age. I tried (unsuccessfully. ) to publish my first book back in 1992. It was called Thin, Thinner, Thinnest and was a...

Complete guide to corporate finance 0

Complete guide to corporate finance

is the study of a business’s money-related decisions, which are essentially all of a business’s decisions. Despite its name, corporate finance applies to all businesses, not just corporations. The primary goal of corporate finance...