Read free business & finance books 0

Read free business & finance books

Browse the business and finance books available on PublicBookshelf and read books online free. Enjoy finding useful information like how to make a budget as well as explanations of hard to understand business concepts,...

The financial basics of business 0

The financial basics of business

A business owner should make it a habit to create a return on investment report before making any kind of investment for his company, according to business expert Michael Fitzgerald on CSO. com. A...

Financing basics 0

Financing basics

Provided by Michael G. Blum of LawFinance Group, Inc. This article illustrates how borrowing funds and converting non-deductible litigation expenses into tax deductible expenses has the cumulative dual benefits of creating a larger pool...

Quant finance books forum 0

Quant finance books forum

Discuss anything related to quantitative finance which is not directly connected to a particular book here. by Thu Sep 11, 2014 12:56 am This forum is to discuss the book the concepts and practice...

Personal finance books 0

Personal finance books

With being such a hot topic these days, its no wonder so many authors try to capitalize on this trend by publishing personal finance books. While it is nice to have such a broad...

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Financial basics overview 0

Financial basics overview

You’re not alone if you feel like you missed the class in school that taught financial basics. Even long-term investors occasionally want to brush up on the fundamentals. The bedrock concepts covered in this...