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Outside of the lab, hes 0

Outside of the lab, hes

Harshil is a second year student in the Co-op Management program heavily interested in equity trading and portfolio management. Coming off a part-time

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This tutorial is designed for financial professionals who would like to obtain a better understanding of accounting. While most financial professionals have taken one or more accounting courses at some point in their careers,...

Personal finance & investments 0

Personal finance & investments

The author introduces a number of investment approaches, including Fundamental Analysis and Modern Portfolio Theory, describes them carefully. and then uses statistical

Business finance basics 0

Business finance basics

Business Finance Basics is the third of our Business Brain Box series for business owners. Finance is one of the areas that new business owners dread the most find most daunting. This practical and...

Film finance basics 0

Film finance basics

Elliot Grove founded Raindance as a thought experiment: Can you make a film with no money, no training and no experience, he asked. When people like his first intern Edgar Wright started making movies...

Book reviews 0

Book reviews

: The 2014 Economist Advent calendar – Christmas day December 25th, 1:00 : Less holy, more holly December 25th, 1:00 : Up in